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Yangerla Jamir – Nagaland

I am yangerla Jamir a tribal Naga woman belongs to Ao Naga tribal community from Nagaland state country India. I was born in a Christian family and so birth iam a Christian. We are 4 siblings ,iam the second child to my parents. One elder sister ,one younger brother and one younger sister. Iam an entrepreneur and a social worker iam running a small manufacturing unit and a Ngo registered under 1860 Act since 2009 under Home department Govt. Of Nagaland . Over the years I have been organising lots of events , workshops and seminars towards our local people. Iam the proprietor of M/s Native Beads located in Duncan bosti dimapur Nagaland. I live in dimapur.

Yangerla’s dolls

I started my career as an entrepreneur just few years back. As a child at the age of 12 my grandmother taught me how to make Naga tribal jewelleries so since my childhood I grew up as a craft artisans . I collect raw materials such as beads,wool, cotton etc and make finished products like Naga tribal jewellery, handicrafts, dolls, loofah scrubbers soap,bamboo basket etc. At present I have around nearly touching 300 artisans both male and female but mostly are female workers employed in my unit. And are all home base artisans except office assistants and marketing managers . I give the artisans raw materials and paid them accordingly in respect of their finished number of products or quantities. My artisans has to work from their own home due to space problem in workshop but my artisans are happy and satisfied to work at their home only.

My unit is a small flat rented place where no enough space for all the workers to accommodate and also not enough space to keep machineries or tools. I am also still a struggling entrepreneur challenging myself to get through to it and set up properly.

Over the past few years I got many opportunities to participate in many fairs, melas,expo etc from different sectors where our products were selling very good and in course of time I also used to get lots of bulk orders but unfortunately the past two years due to covid ,the entire business went down to collapsed which is very very challenging till date . with the same skills and a ray of hope continuing the work from the last year’s kickstart jobs after lockdown positively aiming for a prosperous year 2023.



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