GI Application No. 438

GI Applicant : NERAMAC

One of the most famous organic produce of Assam is Tezpur litchi. Tezpur litchi is widely grown at the renowned Lichu Pukhuri orchard that was set up between 1922 and 1924 by the noted litterateur Late Padmanath Gohain Baruah who was the chairman of Tezpur Municipal Board. There are 26 litchi trees spread over 5 bighas of land. This special type of litchi grown here in Lichu Pukhuri, formerly known as Paltan Pukhuri which is in the heart of the Tezpur town is grown completely in the organic manner and the unique micro agro-climatic conditions ensures the superior quality and consistent taste of the produce every year.

The most common varieties of litchi grown in Tezpur are BombaiyaPiyaji and Bilatee to mention a few. The best varieties are Bombaiya and Elaichi which are exported to USA, Switzerland and others. It is also extremely popular in the main fruit markets of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

Litchi flourishes in the moist conditions of Tezpur where there is abundant rainfall, humidity, day temperature at around 30 °C in June (harvesting time) and about 21 °C in February (flowering and fruiting time) and light winters that are free from frost. The well-drained loamy soil rich in organic matter in Tezpur is well-suited for the cultivation of litchi. New plantations are done during the early monsoon and the litchi tree bears fruit after 5 – 6 years after planting. Tezpur litchi is grown completely under organic conditions without using any chemicals. The fruits are harvested early in the morning when the temperature and humidity are congenial to ensure longer shelf life.

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