Sikkim large Cardamom

Application No.376

Applicant : NERAMAC

Sikkim large cardamom, scientifically known as Amomum subulatum, is a distinctive variety of cardamom cultivated primarily in the Indian state of Sikkim. This perennial herbaceous plant, belonging to the Zingiberaceae family, thrives in hilly terrains at elevations ranging from 600 to 1500 meters above sea level.

Cultivation of Sikkim large cardamom plays a pivotal role in the local economy, serving as a major cash crop for farmers. The plant requires a cool and temperate climate with well-distributed rainfall throughout the year. The harvesting process is meticulous, involving the manual collection of mature cardamom capsules containing the seeds.

Known for its unique flavor and aroma, distinct from smaller cardamom varieties, Sikkim large cardamom is often characterized by a smoky or woody profile. This spice is widely used in culinary applications, contributing to the rich flavors of traditional dishes and global cuisines. Beyond its culinary significance, it holds a place in traditional medicine systems, attributed to its medicinal properties.

The cultivation and trade of Sikkim large cardamom significantly contribute to the economic prosperity of the regions where it is grown. Local farmers rely on the crop as a source of income, making it an integral part of the cultural and economic landscape in the Himalayan region.

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