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S Philangham – Manipur

Philangham is a Ukhrul, Manipur based Crafter who has excellence skills on Kauna Grass craft and Longpi/Black Pottery. Her basket weaving is extremely splendid. Being an artisan Philangham never go along with same kind of designs that the villagers and other crafters make. She has always add some elements to her products that gives an distinctive impressive and hence she could attract a lot of customer attractions. Philangham’s daughter has been continuously giving her inputs about the trendy taste of customer at the current scenario. Despite not coming from a designing background Philangham and her daughter made sure to add some modern approach to their craft.

Philangham would add Resin Belts in the Kauna grass basket to give it a more modern look.

Besides kauna grass craft, Philangham is also a master at the art of Longpi Pottery. She comes from Longpi Village afterall, Longpi village is the birthplace of black stone pottery in Manipur; the art is called Longpi Ham locally. This is a rare form of pottery where the craftsmen do not use the pottery wheel.

The pieces (pots, pans, vases & more) are made from a mixed paste of ground black serpentinite stone and special brown clay. The clay is native to only Longpi village.

Back in the day, these pots were primarily used as a cooking utensil among the Tangkhuls before aluminium pots entered the picture. Longpi Pottery is now used both for cooking, and for storing food and beverages. But, where did it all truly begin? It is believed that Longpi Pottery took shape and form by the grace of Goddess Panthoibi. Philangham regards the Goddess as the mother of artefact-making.



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