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Rebecca Zeliang – Nagaland

Rebecca is a Nagaland based artisans who is into Flower making. Being a girl she was very fond of flowers and hence since college days Rebecca is into this craft. Initially she started it as a hobby and made flowers for her home but later she started to get orders of flowers from her friends and family. Rebecca later realised she could earn a lot from her hobby. Hence she started to going in local exhibitions to sell her handmade flowers.

Rebecca makes corn husk flowers and she doesn’t have a crafter working under her. She herself has been making flowers in bulk and reaching out to market linkage. It is just her cousin brother who helps her out during exhibitions.

Rebecca is from Peren district of Nagaland Popularly, known as “the Green District of Nagaland,” with the highest concentration of Flora and Fauna (Forest both reserve and unreserved Belt) of all districts in Nagaland, lies at the extreme South-West of Nagaland, is 100 kms from the capital of Nagaland Kohima

Rebecca’s home at Peren


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