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Peijei Kamei

Weaving with the use of traditional loin loom still remains an integral part of women of Nagaland as it is in other part of the North-East region. 

Traditionally, the art of loin loom is closely associated with women in almost all Naga community. The general practice of weaving which involves the use of the traditional loin loom is mostly passed down to generations among women or girls through experiences and training which they acquire while assisting their mothers or other family members. Thats how Dimapur based Peijei Kamei’s hand shifted towards weaving. Peijei is a full time weaver and has been making Naga traditional shawls and mufflers since 2015 and she earns by selling these traditional mufflers and shawls.

She took interest in weaving and learned the art from her aunt. At present, she can weave three strips of cloth per week. Like many weavers in Nagaland, Peijei is into commercial weaving. She takes order mostly for shops.



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