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Why NorthEast India has the Full Package for Eco-friendly Weddings?

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In 2020 you could see how few weddings were able to gain so much attention on the internet. Certainly, because these weddings had eco-friendly touches everywhere from the fashion to the food to the favors. Etsy journal recently released its top seven predictions for the biggest wedding trends of 2020, based on search data and insight from experts — and at the heart of the list was sustainability.

But when we talk about sustainable weddings, it has to make sure that each and every item is eco-friendly and the focal point is that North East India has all the range of such items used in weddings. The different tribes of the Northeast continued to preserve the culture of caring for the environment for decades.

Here’s presenting you 6 reasons why NorthEast India has the full package for Eco-friendly weddings: 

1. North East makes cane and bamboo furniture.

Furniture, chairs & stools are the most prime item to be required by a wedding and the crafters of each eight states of the Northeast  make a variety of bamboo and cane Sofa sets, chairs and stools which has a beige beauty and has been used by the local people for decades. 

2. North East makes eco-friendly utensils.

Every wedding is all about food. And when there’s food there come the utensils too. The crafters of Northeast India are masters at weaving exotic trays with bamboo, cane, water hyacinth, Kauna reed etc. They also make bamboo and wooden mugs, plates, glasses, spoons etc. Manipur’s Longpi pottery is made from a mixed paste of ground black serpentine stone and special brown clay that are great to use for health as well. 

3. North East makes exotic decor items.

A wedding is a dream and dreams only come true when its decor is on point. The North East is sovereign on decorative Handicraft items. Each state is a maestro at basketry. They craft the most exotic baskets, planters, hangers, lampshades, planter stands, vases, showpieces and many more decor items with different natural materials, like Meghalaya makes Green bamboo baskets and decor items and Manipur makes Kauna (Water reed) baskets and decor items.

4. North East India is the land of Ahimsa (peace) and Muga Silk. 

In an eco-friendly wedding the garments too can’t miss out on its criteria and hence it should come straight out of Handloom instead of machine loom. Eri silk, also called Ahimsa silk or peace silk, is non-violent silk that does not require killing the moth to extract the fibre that comes mostly from states like Assam and Meghalaya. Then Assam has the most famous natural golden silk called Muga which was once reserved only for Royals and is now one of the most expensive silks in the world. Many international designers are working on different kinds of garments with these silks of Northeast. 

5. Northeast makes eco-friendly jewellery.

Just as garments, jewellery too is an important part of an Indian wedding. Northeastern designers and crafters make beautiful jewellery out of bamboo which is truly beautiful and wearable. 

6. North East brings eco-friendly food to the table.

The climate and the quality of soil make the northeastern states ideal for organic farming and that leads to many great food products. For example, Arunachal Pradesh has produced India’s first kiwi wine from organic kiwis called Naara-Aaba.  Tripura has launched the first-ever ‘bamboo cookies’, made from crushed and processed bamboo shoots, which is already a highly sought after delicacy across Northeast India and many other nations like Nepal, Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Japan, China and Taiwan. 

Wedding seasons are on the way and so is the eco-friendly wedding trend.

All the wedding planners out there, now you know where to pay attention for a big fat sustainable wedding. 



Luicy Bora is a content writer at Purbashree and is responsible for the Social Media Marketing of Purbashree.

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