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Nina Lego – Arunachal Pradesh

Ninna Lego, a civil engineer-turned-social entrepreneur with a desire to bring sustainability to the mainstream, founded House of Macnok in the year 2017. Ninna, who used to make her own earrings, quickly realised that there is a growing demand for handmade jewellery, home decor, and organic foods.

She was also acutely aware of the enormous potential of Arunachal Pradesh’s traditional arts and crafts. As a result, she decided to create a brand that will bring this hidden craftsmanship to the global stage while also supporting her commitment to the environment and the community.

Nina With her team

Her passion and clear vision gave birth to House of Macnok by bringing together tribal women and artisans  from remote corners of Arunachal Pradesh under few Self Help Groups and training them. Today, the brand helps over 50 local artisans directly or indirectly and craftsmen earn their living through House of Macnok ; A sustainable brand.

Ninna believes the journey so far has been an adventurous one, filled with the occasional hardships. From selling her designs for well-known names without getting any credits to getting less than five orders a day, the determined young lady faced it all without any second thoughts.

Her dedication bore fruits and has made House of Macnok synonymous with urban, chic, and quality products. It has given a ray of hope to many rural Arunachal households by providing jobs and an opportunity to preserve their heritage. Her hard work and contribution has been widely recognised. The brand has received outstanding recognition across the spectrum and also been awarded for its values.

It’s not yet Gucci or Chanel but the virtually crowd- owned “House of Macnok’ which  has been named the ‘Best Handmade Brand’ during women’s day by Rajiv Gandhi University in Arunachal Pradesh for the years 2019 and 2020. The brand also made a splash at BIOFACH India 2022 in Delhi. Buyers from Europe, the United States, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia had the opportunity to see the brand’s potential in the organic market and engage in some promising business discussions.

With two walk-in stores and an expanding online community of loyal customers, the brand is only just beginning. They sell a variety of products under three sections- Accessories by Macnok, Decor by Macnok and Wellness by Macnok. These sections include jewellery, coasters, toys, dreamcatchers, organic foods, soy wax candles, reusable sanitary pads, handmade soaps, non-alcoholic fruit wines, and many more handloom and handmade products. House of Macnok is on its way to extend their compelling online presence with a website too.

Ninna Lego beams with pride when she expresses how the public’s warmth and acceptance fills her with hope and excitement. It fuels her zeal for responsible social entrepreneurship. Every woman and youth she has been able to empower through her work strengthens her belief that a better tomorrow, where everyone makes conscious choices for the earth and the community, is no longer a distant dream.

Nina with her young team


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