Khasulho Shijoh – Nagaland

Craft and Development Society is a Craft Manufacturing Unit based in Diezephe, Dimapur, Nagaland. The society is by a group of like minded people headed by Khasulho Shijoh who’s father is a State Governor Award Recipient with a total members of around 100 (75% male and 25% female workers). Khasulho Shijoh’s father is one of the pioneer of handicrafts who started working in the early 90s to look after the family and after meeting some people with the same interest, he then decided to run a society called Craft & Development Society in the year 2001. In the same year the Government have declared the village as the First and Only Craft Village in Nagaland under the leadership of Khasulho Shijo’s father Velasuzo Shijohh. In the year 2010 Velasuzo Shijoh have received the Governor Award for his outstanding performance in the field of Arts and Crafts. Till today their products have been very demanding in all the parts of the state of India.

Shijoh’s Workshop in Nagaland



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