How you can save the planet by “Go-Green” Fashion

Considering what is happening with our mother earth, it has become really important to choose fashion that is mindful about the environmental issues around us. The consumer pattern in India is changing in the sustainable fashion movement. Yes, two-third of the consumers are willing to spend on eco-friendly or sustainable fashion. People are changing their mindsets and is actually shifting to brands that are minimizing the environmental issues and the brands that absolutely doesn’t harm the environment.

This brings us to the segment where we want to encourage these people by pointing out what they contributing to the Mother Earth by changing mindsets. Here are some reasons why you have to Go-Green in fashion too. 

  1. You are sparing the animals from harms and abuses !

Animals plays a huge role to maintain our earth’s habitat. Fast fashion has made the industry to use animal skins and furs for manufacturing bags. However when you choose to buy your bags from sustainable brands you are buying bags that are made out of materials like Bamboo, Kauna, water hyacinth, human made fibers or any recycled materials.

Kudos to you ! You truly care about the planet’s habitat !


  1. You are producing less Textile waste !

Daily huge amount of textile waste is dumbed at a landfill or burnt, globally. And the main reason behind it is the Fast Fashion culture, where people intend to buy excessive clothes in the name of maintaining ‘Collection’ getting influenced by the social media influencer. People now doesn’t intend to buy through season, they intend to follow influencers. But the sustainable brands doesn’t follow fast fashion. They would rather focus on classic and timeless pieces rather than pushing new collections weekly that force customers to buy more. So when you choose to buy from sustainable brands you don’t come in the count of producing textile waste unnecessarily. 

Guess what? Your mindset is not producing waste !


Picture by ENDS Europe 

  1. You are reducing carbon footprints 

When you are a sustainable fashion follower you are using materials made from natural or recycled fabrics and not some petroleum-based materials, including acrylic, nylon, and polyester, which also require a significant amount of energy during production. Sustainable fashion encourages local production, sourcing local materials, and employing local artisans. In addition to boosting local economies, these businesses eliminate the need for frequent transportation, reducing greenhouse emissions and making Mother Earth to stay healthy. 

You are a true child to Mother Earth !


Picture by Dastkari Haat Samiti 

Fashion industry is one of the largest polluting industries in the world. Many popular brands are trying to get hundred percent circular by the year 2030. While these popular brands are still trying or just minimizing the harms, there is the existence some brands that are unreservedly making products without harming the Mother Earth.

Let us all explore them before it’s too late !   



Luicy Bora is a content writer at Purbashree and is responsible for the Social Media Marketing of Purbashree.

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