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Badal Deb Nath – Tripura

Tripura bamboo products, including basketry, is so widely used in daily life that the local population is its largest customer and consumer. From homes to bridges, fishing rods and multiple types of basketry that can create tiny tea strainers and large fish traps, all produce was for local utility. Tripura has only recently begun to reach out to the larger world to put its bamboo out to faraway markets.

Badal Deb Nath who is a bamboo basket weaver who is also a vendors, sell utility baskets in local shops and Govt.Emporiums. He makes colorful decorative bamboo baskets which sells the most during festive seasons. Nath engages more than 10 women in bamboo weaving during festive seasons of India to render them some amount of income along with increasing the capacity for these colorful baskets. Nath’s colorful baskets have huge demand for festive hampers.

Badal’s Bamboo weavers during Festive season


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