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Little ahead of Boko, Assam, there lies a small village called Birima. Halfway there, a 25 years old Utpal Rabha is residing who wants to make your Christmas little different.

Utpal belongs to the Rabha community that mostly dwells in Lower Assam on the south bank of the Brahmaputra, in the districts of Goalpara and Kamrup. After completing his schooling Utpal joined Jawaharlal Nehru College in Boko, Assam for his graduation and now pursuing his Masters. At the same instant he is also pursuing his diploma in Rabha language from Gauhati University.

Did you know?

 Rabha is a Sino-Tibetan language of India which is spoken on the southern bank of the Brahmaputra, in the Goalpara district of Assam and belong to the northern slopes of Meghalaya. In 2007, U.V. Joseph published a grammar of Rabha with Brill in their series Languages of the Greater Himalayan Region. In fact, Rabha is a North-East Indian language under South Asian linguistic area surrounded by Indo-Aryan languages viz. Assamese and Bengali. Its dialects stand homogeneous with Garo, Boro, Koch etc, the Tibeto-Burman languages and heterogeneous with Khasi language of Austric origin.

Despite being so intellectual, Utpal is a crafter too. Yes. He has been making bamboo items since 6 years along with his studies. From his own backward bamboo cultivation Ultpal has been making bamboo utility items like trays & baskets by his own. 

Although his craft is meeting utility purpose however he is not coming across the feeling that his products are conferring any happiness to anyone. For a change he wanted to make things that are not much of usage oriented but something that will make someone beam, to bring a feeling of cuteness in bamboo. Amidst of October Utpal randomly thought of making bamboo Christmas decorative items, considering the fact that he will hardly able to sell anything as the place where he is resides is not at all Christmas celebrating point. Where other festivals give a feeling of spirituality & divinity, Christmas is something that undoubtedly churn-out the vibes of cuteness. Of course It is all about toys, bells, rings, balls & a cone shaped tree. 

As they say- as we keep searching, we keep finding. And then we met Utpal. Getting to the bottom of his wish, Utpal & NEHHDC – Purbashree clinched to come up in a collaborative deportment where Utpal is more into giving bamboo a cute look & we are into urging people to celebrate an eco-friendly Christmas.

Without wasting time, have a look on our Christmas Collection. Even if you don’t intent to buy atleast have a peek and smile for Uptal. 

Also don’t forget to tell us how cute you found our collection in the comment section. 



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