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4 P’s of Craft

North East India is now popularly known for its eco-friendly & handmade craft culture. However challenges transpire, when it comes to make this region more active & commercial in the sector unlike the other parts of India. Often the solution to these challenges is said to be design intervention, an interface between tradition and modernity that matches craft production to the needs of modern living.

But what if the artisan can’t have access to design interventions? What if the intervention fails or it has consequences?  But most importantly what if the artisans want to make it by themselves?

If you are an artisan or you know an artisan who doesn’t want to depend on anyone, Just like the 4 P’s of Marketing, the combination of 4 factors which helps a business to grow, here’s presenting you the “4 P’s of Craft”  help a craftsperson distinguish his/ her craft and make the products the way they are:

  1. Product 

A craft product has its own beauty offset by its imperfection. And other than that it has its own traditions, techniques of making, story, beliefs and many more. A craftsman has to pass on the background story of the craft to its consumer. Today is the world, where the story sells, not the product. So every time you are going to sell a craft, no matter through which medium, make sure you are telling them some interesting fact, some story and hands and the minds behind the craft. 

Remember, the content is the product now! 

  1. Price 

The price at which an artisan sells his product shapes his livelihood, but on the other hand it also determines the kind of materials that go into making the product and the level of authenticity they maintain. In doing that, it determines the entire process from sourcing the materials to selling the product.

Very often the artisans fail to calculate its overheads while pricing their product which is obvious why they incur loss.  And sometimes out of being desperate to sell they undervalue their products. 

Remember Roll Royce is selling its cars at Sky-High rates only because they are HANDMADE !

  1. Packaging 

Good packaging contributes to efficient distribution, makes storage easy, all while creating goodwill of your company at the same time! With the right process in place, a clever use of packaging can make you sell in huge quantities in an efficient way. Longi Pottery of Manipur has a huge demand, however because of poor packaging that demand is not being attained well. 

While from a retail point of view lot of people has a habit of impulsive buying just because of creative packaging. Tea is a good example of that. Somehow artisans are disregarding the importance of packaging. 

Remember, an unattractive product can be sold because of an attractive packaging!

  1. Presentation 

Product presentation will give an impression to the consumers. And the presentation should reflect the story and the value of that craft. It is often seen artisans asks for 2 tables & chairs in the exhibitions & that’s it. No you have to look for better and right medium to display and curate your craft which might be a heritage of the country. Good presentation can make the world to see your content, will make them realise the value of that craft. 

So next time you go to participate in any exhibition. Look around your stall; ask for good lightings, good showcases, good props, good backdrops, or any other medium but,

Remember not to feel content with just a Table & Chair. 



Luicy Bora is a content writer at Purbashree and is responsible for the Social Media Marketing of Purbashree.

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